West End Muses

It is real, raw, and inspiring. The emotions are palpable.

Then you meet one of these people first-hand. Just amazing, wonderful people, chasing their Dream.


We are all trying to get somewhere and are doing our best to get there…  Nowhere have I seen this more in evidence than Nashville.

Every day about 85-90 people move to this City on the hopes of making something big out of their talents.

The dreams and words are written on bar napkins, the notebooks crammed with random lyrics while the next musician waits his/her turn at open mic night, guitar in its case behind him as he waits.

It is real, raw, and inspiring.   The emotions are palpable.

Then you meet one of these people first-hand.  Just amazing, wonderful people,  chasing their Dream.

They’ve poured their heart and soul into countless hours of performances at hotels, bars, and honky tonks.

I have no idea how this process goes so I cannot explain the emotions that must go through that individual when that day arrives when you finally have proof–in hand–of your hard work.  Sometimes it can take years, which makes the achievement that much more resonant.


Recently, a bunch of friends and I from my local run group made it out to watch one of our group debut her first EP.  [I love that right now, my phone tried to autocorrect to EPIC, ’cause it is…and was.]

Big smiles were in effect as she took the stage and brought that country sass, warming up with each song.  A small “family” had gathered for her of other aspiring musicians, friends, co-workers,  and buddies from the run group.  The love sent her way, from both near and afar, buoyed her with each song.  The stage lights shone down on her and Ben Potter, her guitarist.  The moment sparkled and crystallized into a memory as sweet as sugar.


Having a copy of a friend’s hard work in the form of a CD makes the moment real and re-liveable.  The culmination of work and late nights, the sweat and tears…and years, oh years of Dreaming.  It’s transcendent,  magical, beautiful.

Just as beautiful, inside and out, as you are, Chellanie.  I wish you years of success and big dreams,  with plenty of sass.  I’ll be here watching you shine brighter.

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