YOU: the Movie

Recently I was listening to a podcast…what he had to say completely floored me.


Did you see that great new movie about that guy/girl who did this crazy/brave/sensational/epic thing?…

Ever thought to yourself,  that would be pretty cool to be the main character in that movie? …But I’m too (fill in the blank here.)

What would it take to change all that?  Deliberate, planned out processes…or a sudden cataclysmic dust-up with the life you once knew.

That’s what happened to my life.  A demanding  but unfulfilling job (that I hated) and a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer in the family.  I was out on a Commitment Run on the new year that I cut short, then later that evening discussing in-depth pulling up roots and moving.  Changing life as we knew it on a dime…

I will admit, it allowed me to fulfill a 20-year long dream of mine by moving to the outskirts of the city of my dreams,  but I had definitely not predicted that on New Year’s Eve, the night before, holding a glass of cheap champagne at Parent Midnight (9pm).

So I ask you, if you could write the movie featuring You, how would you write it?…

Recently I was listening to a podcast where a very famous runner was being interviewed.   What he had to say completely floored me; it made me think really hard…

He said, “Script your perfect life.”

What parts of your life work for you, and what parts would you change?  What would your Ideal Life look like?  What would it be?  What would you do?

Want the blockbuster life/movie of the Century?  Write on your own, right now!

(Just remember me in your credits line at the end of your movie.)

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